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Substance Abuse and Mental Health: #takeitsrsly

In celebration of Mental Health May, and in collaboration with CHS’ Peer-to-Peer program, srsly launched an anti-stigma campaign to spread awareness about substance abuse and mental health.

We told CHS students “It’s your turn to let your community know what they need to know.”

In April, almost 200 students answered the question “What’s something you think people need to know about substance abuse and mental health?” This month, we’re sharing those responses anonymously in a reactionary video, where CHS students and staff advocates read the replies. Sound important? It is.

"To get that many responses...this is impactful. It’s something I hope people remember.” said srsly Director Kate Yocum. “This isn't adults telling kids what they need to know, this is our teens advocating for themselves and each other. There’s a quote that will stay with me. ‘We need to keep each other safe.’ I’m proud of that, I’m proud of them.”

As part of this campaign, CHS students also submitted anti-stigma projects, with each student choosing a different artistic avenue for sharing their voice; a poem, an art piece, and an essay.

Grace Morson, a senior at CHS, shared this art piece titled “Muted.” “This piece is about how ADHD medication can mute [my] otherwise bubbly, colorful personality.” Morson said.

Another CHS student, Alisa Woody, shared her poem about addiction, saying, “I wrote this poem based on one of my family members having a problem with addiction. I've written many poems to grieve with the whole situation. I was very close with my uncle and losing him was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through.” When asked what excerpt of her poem meant the most to her, she said:

“Being strong for everyone else but myself.

No blame on a name. It’s a powerful thing.

What’s done is done. So young, yet still gone.

Thinking, this isn’t real, this can’t be.

But it is, you left me.”

Click below to download and read an incredible student-submitted essay about addiction and recovery.

Student short story-SRSLY
Download PDF • 34KB

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