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Image by Ian Schneider


Last year, we offered our first ever Virtual New Year's Eve Party to the Chelsea community. This year, we’re trying something a little different (but just as COVID-friendly) to make sure everyone can enjoy our NYE recommendations!

If you’re a parent, grandparent, older sibling, or babysitter of kids ages 3-12, you’ll love this

Do-It-Yourself New Year's Eve Party Guide!

We have food, games, crafts, science projects, decorations, and movies just for you!


First things first, kick off your party with a few snacks! And don’t worry, whatever food mood you and your kids are in, we got you covered!

Image by Diane Helentjaris

Have a sweet tooth? Try these holiday cookies!

Or if gathering ingredients sounds like a little much at the moment, grab those Pillsbury pre-cut snowmen cookies from the store and toss them in the oven! We get it. We love them, too!

Need something a little healthy and a little hearty? You’ll love these veggie wraps!


Want something salty? Test our sweet potato fries!

Image by Ellen Qin


Minute-to-Win-it Games:

These games are a fan favorite and can be played individually, as a group, or in teams.


Snowman building contest:

This one is classic…and pretty self-explanatory. HOWEVER, we are experienced, midwest folks so we know snow isn’t always a guarantee, even on December 31st. So this is where things get interesting. If there’s no snow, we still challenge you to build snowmen…with whatever material you have handy! Builders, we wish you luck. Judges, we promise a good chuckle!

Image by Wouter Supardi Salari


Time Capsule:

  1. Grab a box, canister, or container with a lid that is small enough to fit into a long-term, indoor storage space, or something weatherproof enough to be buried in the backyard!

  2. Ask each family member to grab one item they think represents 2021 to add to the box. Even better, if you have a printer, toss in a family photo from 2021 too to remember what everyone looked like!

  3. Write a list of who added what, and finish it off by writing “do not open until [pick a future date to reopen]” on the outside of the capsule! Is it next NYE? Is it 2025? Or even 2030? You get to pick!


DIY Ball Drop:

Feeling festive? Make your OWN ball drop that your kids can “drop” at midnight...or, ya know, whenever their bedtime is! Click the link for instructions and modify however you need!

Take a trip around the world from your own living room! 

Balloon Clock Countdown:

Another festive option! We’re keeping things simple for this one. Just inflate 12 balloons and write the numbers 1-12 on them... one for each hour between noon and midnight. Then let someone pop one every hour to countdown the clock!


Soap Carving


Yarn Art


Paper Beads


In partnership with:


Looking for an activity that’s fun AND teaches something? Try a science experiment and send your child back from Winter Break with knowledge to share! (Trust us, you’ll be very popular at carpool next week).


Corn Plastic


Color-Changing Milk


Coin Drop



Scroll through this list of 14 family-friendly favorites and pick your film! Each movie suggestion includes the title, storyline summary, rating, as well as a minimum age recommendation and heads-up on anything to look out for before watching with your young viewers.

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